ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (M3)

Modding Mass Effect made easy.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 8.2.4

June 12, 2024

Mod Manager supporting all Original Trilogy and Legendary Edition games

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Backup and Restore

Backup and restore your game files to quickly change between mods. Granular and full restore options, with support for automatically setting texture LODs.

ME3Tweaks ModMaker

Like modding gameplay? Don't like spending tons of time figuring out how the engine works? ModMaker was designed for you. Design Mass Effect 3 mods on the web.

Direct Updates

Mod Manager updates itself directly from ME3Tweaks. When an update comes out, you're one click away from being up to date.

Additional Features

Developer Tools

Generate blank working DLC mods, test mods for broken textures and other common issues, compress mods for deployment (for both Mod Manager and manual installation), just to name a few of the tools for developers.

Restore only what you need

Restore only the DLCs you want, and delete the Custom DLCs that are installed without having to know the specific name of the DLC folder - Mod Manager looks it all up for you using the Third Party Identification Service.

Tools from start to finish

Mod Manager can download other modding tools on demand directly from their Github, including ME3Explorer (ME3Tweaks Fork), Mass Effect Modder, ALOT Installer, and more. It'll even offer to update them when your local copy is out of date.

Mod multiple game installations

Have multiple copies of game files laying around? Mod Manager can update your the game's registry key so you can boot and mod other installations of each game. Simply change the current Installation Target in the dropdown.

Drag & Drop Automation

Drag and drop TLK and Coalesced files onto the interface to decompile them. Drag their manifest file back onto the interface to recompile them. It couldn't be much simpler than that.

NexusMods Integration

Endorse your favorite mods, directly from within Mod Manager. For mods developed by whitelisted developers, you'll also be able to be notified of updates for mods in your library that come from NexusMods.

Developed for mod users and developers alike

For Mod Users

  • One click mod installs, including directly from archives
  • Automatic mod updates
  • Non-Invasive Game-Wide AutoTOC
  • MixIns - Mix & Match patches
  • Custom DLC management
  • ASI mod management
  • Repair corrupt mods from the cloud
  • Installed mod identification

For Mod Developers

  • Automatic and manual options for your mod with Alternates
  • Identify overrides with Custom DLC Conflict Detector
  • Tankmaster TLK and Coalesce built-in
  • Automatic DLC bypass installations for end-users
  • Quick Custom DLC Starter Kit Generator
  • Get diagnostic info in just a few clicks from end users
  • Simulate different configurations with Official DLC Toggler
  • Automatic compatibility patch installation
  • Quick and easy mod deployment with high compression

System Requirements

Required Software

  • Official copies of at least one of the following:
  • Mass Effect
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Supported OS

  • Windows 8.1 (OT only)
  • Windows 10
  • Only currently supported Microsoft OS are supported by ME3Tweaks
  • Linux is NOT supported

Additional Requirements

  • Disk space for various backups
  • Administrator privileges as necessary. M3 will attempt to grant permissions if your account lacks them

How to develop mods with Mod Manager

Mod Manager Mod Format (moddesc.ini)

How to make a DLC mod

ME3Tweaks Discord

Legacy ME3CMM

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager was previously known as Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager (ME3CMM) up until version 6.0.